Word of Mouth


Michelle Farnsworth 

“I loved every moment of your retreat! From you meeting Beth and me at the ferry dock in the pouring rain, to Random, the pup,  interrupting our meditation session! What a joy! 

A great way to recharge batteries, enjoy some mindfulness, learn yoga, and expand my horizons.

Beth Kaylor 

“I think some other attendees were a little overwhelmed by 3 sessions of yoga a day…but I loved it. It’s a yoga retreat! I felt so in my body, when I’m usually living more in my mind for work. The early morning sessions were especially great.”

Dustin Smith 

“The retreat was fantastic- classes were all fun and could be as relaxing or challenging as you desired. The extra activities like snorkeling and water aerobics were super fun and there’s no setting more beautiful  than Isla Mujeres. Highly recommend Golden Lion Yoga Retreat!”

Cindy Brinkman 

“My first experience at a yoga retreat was everything I was hoping.The multiple classes a day varied in difficulty and location. My favorite were the sunrise classes. I enjoyed the moves, music and sunrise over the Caribbean. Cheridan, at Golden Lion Yoga, had organized and planned the days well. We had plenty of beach and free time. Isla Mujeres and Ixchel Beach Hotel were splendid, a superb venue for a yoga retreat.”


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